Preparing for your rabbit

What do you need to keep a rabbitIn this topic, I’m going to give a quick overview of what is involved in keeping a pet rabbit.  If you’re in Ireland or Northern Ireland, our rabbit keeping starter kits have almost all that I outline below in the pack, so it makes it easy to have everything delivered to your door in one go.

Rabbit Hutch

A rabbit hutch is the first important piece of equipment that you need.  The rabbit hutch will be where your rabbit will spend a lot of its time.  It is important to decide if the hutch will be located inside our outside.  Rabbits are happy with either and sometimes an outside hutch, with some shelter and a safe enclosed outdoor are works very well.  A well-designed rabbit hutch will take into consideration both the rabbit and the owner.  It is important that is is easy to access and to clean, such as to have a sliding floor for ease of cleaning as many of our hutches do.

Rabbit Feeder

A rabbit feeder is important.  This is where the rabbits food will be placed each day.  A regular bowl might work, but they are usually easily turned upside down.  A proper rabbit feeder will not be so easily upturned and is worth the investment of a few euro.  Rabbits are usually fed once a day.

Rabbit Drinker

Clean and fresh water should be available to your rabbit at all times.  This is best provided to rabbits in a suitable rabbit drinker.  We use the bottle type drinkers ourselves and these are the ones we supply with our starter packs.  Water should be refilled once a day.

Rabbit Food

Pet Rabbits have particular dietary requirements.  Feeding them correctly will help ensure that they are healthy, happy and trouble-free to keep.  Three things should make up a rabbit’s diet, (1) Hay, (2) Rabbit Food & (3) Greens.  We have a great article specifically dedicated to feeding rabbits which you will find in the Rabbit Info section of our website.

Rabbit Bedding

Within the rabbit hutch some bedding material is required.  Hay, chopped straw, wooding shavings or shredded paper can be used.

The Pet Rabbit

All rabbits are not the same and it is very important you get the right type for you.  A good breeder will help you choose.  It is ideal to get a rabbit when it is young as it will be easier to tame than an adult rabbit.  It is important to handle the rabbit and make sure it looks alert and healthy.  We have an article with some of the popular breeds of rabbits in the Rabbit Info section of our website.


On an ongoing basis, it is important to keep on top of rabbit health.  All in all rabbits are very healthy creatures.  Check your rabbit over regularly and if you are concerned consult a vet.