Choosing your Rabbit

Firstly, we recommend that you research which breed of rabbit will suit your family best. There are numerous breeds on the market e.g. Lop, Dutch and Lionhead to name but a few. We cover some of the most popular breeds here on our website. Rabbits come in different shapes and sizes and will require a living space that will accommodate their size.

Secondly, research where it is best to buy a rabbit. Try to find feedback on breeder/pet shops from their previous customers. Many serious breeders don’t normally tend to sell their rabbits through pet shops, tending to sell directly to customers instead. This is a great option and it allows for great follow up advice, if required.

Ideally, it is best to buy a young rabbit, preferably between nine and twelve weeks old. Young rabbits are easier to handle and tame. Interaction with humans from an early age will result in a confident and more relaxed pet.

Here are some things to look out for and questions to ask when going to buy a rabbit from a breeder/shop:-

  1. The rabbits should appear lively and alert
  2. The cages in which the rabbits are being kept should be clean
  3. Water and food should be readily available
  4. Question the breed of rabbit and the size to which they will grow

Checklist for selecting an individual rabbit:

  1. Look for a rabbit that is alert and has bright eyes
  2. Their fur should be soft and shiny.
  3. Their teeth should not be too long or jagged
  4. Its ears should be clean
  5. Nails should be short
  6. Check for any visible wounds or any bald patches,
  7. Ask for the rabbit to be lifted out of the cage to be inspected at close range. How it reacts to being handled will give you an idea of its temperament.
  8. Never feel pressurised into buying a rabbit because you feel sorry for it or that its alone in the pet shop.