Why keep rabbits?

Why Keep RabbitsRabbits make wonderful pets.  They are adorable with lots of personality, are easily tamed and very sociable.   This makes a rabbit an ideal family pet for any age and no matter what size of home or garden you have.  With the right type of set-up and a little care, pet rabbits live very happy lives.  Pet rabbits lap-up attention, loving to be handled and will happily sit on your lap and be spoilt.

Rabbits are very clever and will quickly learn who everyone in the family is.  They are entertainers and will make you laugh in so many ways.  One thing our rabbits do is to race along the floor then just flop down flat and pretend they are fast asleep, only to pop back up again in a few seconds.  Also, our rabbits tend to sleep more in the early part of the day and are a lot more active in the evening hours when we’re all home.  Playing with them is something to look forward to when the homework is all done!

In terms of care, apart from some attention, rabbits need food and water with them all the time.  The rabbit hutch should be kept clean and tidy.  A well-designed hutch will make it easy to do and most of our rabbit hutches even have sliding floors that are removable.  This means it takes just a couple of minutes to clean the hutch and put fresh bedding in.

Rabbits are really quiet.  You will know that a cat meows and a dog barks, but do you know what sound does a rabbit makes?  The answer, in fact, is that they make no sound at all.  They can sometimes make a sound if they get a sudden fright, but that’s never likely to be the case with a pet rabbit.  This means your neighbours will not even know you have a rabbit, unless of course you tell them.

All in all, rabbits are fun and jolly little creatures to have around and are very easy to keep as a pet.