Toys That Your Playful Pet Rabbit Will Like

Much like other pets, bunnies love play time and they love to have things around that keep them entertained. Plus, toys are an awesome way to give your bored bunny something to do when you’re not around. Not only is play time important to entertain your little-cottontail, it is healthy. To keep your curious rabbit happy, there are all kinds of toys that you can supply for it, both store-bought and homemade.

Wooden Chew Toys – These come in a range of types, from gnawing sticks to wooden blocks that are safe for your bunny and can be found at any pet supply store.

Cat Toys – A lot of the toys that your cat will enjoy playing with, your rabbit will enjoy as well. For example, small rolling balls are a good choice. Just make sure the cat toys you pick up don’t have any small removable parts and are strong enough to resist chewing.

Cardboard Tubes – Rabbits love places to hide out, so large cardboard tubes are a good choice. Additionally, small toilet paper and paper towel rolls from home can be offered to your pet and filled with treats for added fun.

Cardboard Boxes – Boxes made from undied cardboard can be made into small hidey houses and are considered safe for the bunny to chew and shred.

Brown Paper Bags – Give your playful bunny a place to hide and something to push around and rattle just by handing over a brown paper bag. Place a treat inside for even more interest from your curious pet.

Pine Cones – Rabbits will enjoy chewing and nibbling on pine cones. Just make sure they are properly treated to kill off any bacteria that may be living on them before you offer these natural toys to your bunny.

Metal Lids – Your bunny will enjoy items they can push around that make noise, so simple metal lids off of jars can be a lot of fun for them.

Untreated Wicker Baskets – Baskets are pretty easy to find and many are made from straw and other natural materials that are not painted or treated. Your bunny will enjoy climbing in the basket, chewing on it, and digging around in hay or shredded paper you place inside.

Baby Toys – Baby toys are often a good choice for bunnies because they are made from hard plastic materials that are hard to chew. Look for things like plastic stacking cups, wooden building blocks, or rattles.

Straw-Filled Cotton Sock – Bunnies do like to snuggle with soft stuffed animals, but most of these have unsafe synthetic materials. You can make your own version of a stuffed toy using a cotton sock filled with straw or hay and knotting it on one end.

Logic Toys – Rabbits actually enjoy a good challenge. They can be witnessed in the wild working really hard to get a small berry or dig for a piece of food, so they don’t mind a challenge at all. Therefore, logic toys can be a lot of fun for your bunny. These toys require your bunny to perform a task, such as open a lid or scoot open a door, to get a treat. These toys are available at many pet retailers and can be created at home.

You will have all kinds of fun watching your pet rabbit tinker with its toys. They will have fun playing all alone and when you join in on the fun and some rabbits can even be trained to do tricks with their toys and play items. For more information on keeping your bunny entertained, check out the learning centre on