Housing Your Pet Rabbit – An Overview 

So, you’ve decided to bring home a new pet rabbit? Rabbits are friendly creatures that enjoy playing and make adorable companions, they are good with children, and can even be litter trained for indoor keeping. However, bringing home a bunny also means you have to be prepared to offer it the right kind of shelter.

What Your Bunny Must Have 

There is a short checklist of things that you should make sure you have available for your pet rabbit when you bring it home, including:

  • a hutch or designated space, enclosure, or shelter
  • an area prepared for safe free-roam and play because exercise is crucial to your rabbit’s health
  • security from other animals, both wild and other domestic pets
  • access to fresh food and water in a desirable private place, such as inside the hutch

Are rabbits better kept indoors or out?

Rabbits can be kept either indoors or out; it is really a matter of personal preference and whether or not you have the right supplies available. There are both indoor and outdoor hutches available, so giving your bunny the proper shelter is easy whichever you choose. The primary difference between housing your rabbit outdoors and in is that you have to make sure your bunny has a safe roaming area outdoors for exercise, which can be easier to accomplish in the house. Outdoors, your bunny should have an enclosed area, safe from predators and threats, preferably with screen material, wire, or netting over the top if you cannot supervise your roaming bunny.

Is it necessary for a rabbit to have a hutch?

Rabbit hutches are not the only option for housing a rabbit, but they are by far the most efficient. A rabbit hutch has everything your bunny needs to survive and be content, such as food and water areas, places to hide and feel secure, and even screened areas to give them access to fresh air. Additionally, rabbit hutches are designed to make it easy to clean the bunny’s droppings and urine, many offering slide-out trays on the base to get rid of soiled bedding, hay, or other litter. However, you do not necessarily have to buy a hutch if you can create a similar setup in another way.

Bringing home a new pet bunny means a lot of preparation and should involve some research to help you decide what will be best when it comes to housing your bunny. For more information on housing your bunny and to get the best housing necessities, take a look at the learning centre and available supplies on Rabbits.ie.