The Willow Rabbit Hutch

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The Willow Hutch is a two-storey hotel for a rabbit.

Upstairs is the sleeping area along with an outside section, while downstairs there is a large play area.  Access between each area is via the rabbit-friendly ramp.

The top level comes with an easy clean slide out floor, while the lower level is direct access to the grass.

Willow Hutch Cover (Optional)

Add an Willow Hutch cover to your order.

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Product Description

This hutch will arrive as coloured in the photos

Rabbit Hutch features

– Two tier hutch, both with easy clean slide out floor upstairs and access to grass on downstairs.

– Easy access ramp for your rabbit, running between upstairs and downstairs.

– Sleeping area upstairs along with the an outdoor.  Downstairs is an open play area.

– Easy access to upstairs and downstairs via doors or opening roof.

– Slide out the floor for easy cleaning of the rabbit hutch.  Simply remove, tip into the compost heap or bin and then replace along with fresh bedding.

– Delivered Free – it will arrive flat packed and takes about 30 minutes to assemble.  Full instructions and all screws and bolts are included.

– Manufactured from kiln dried timber which is then treated with a base coat of animal-friendly wood preservative.

– Dimensions – 104 cm (L) * 50cm (W) * 90 cm (H) * 3ft 7 inches (L) * 19.5 inches * 3ft (approx)

Willow Hutch Cover

The Willow hutch cover is designed to keep your bunny cosy.

  • Clear windows in the run area.
  • Zips to allow easy access to doors and roof panels.
  • Velcro tabs to keep plastic door section open.
  • Multiple breathing holes for your bunny, to allow air circulation.