The Amy Rabbit Hutch

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The Amy Hutch is a large hutch that offers a spacious sleeping area and run size for your pet rabbit or rabbits.

It comes in a lovely shade of green and is trimmed with white, which will look very trendy in your garden!

We have this hutch currently on a special introductory offer.


Optional extension pens are available if you wish to increase the run size of the Amy Hutch.  Multiple pens can be purchased to create an even larger pen. (Each extension pen is  87.5cm (L) * 81cm (W) * 94cm (H)).



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Product Description

The Amy Hutch is a very spacious and comfortable hutch which comes in a lovely green and white colour.

Child Friendly

The Amy Hutch is child friendly and is very easy to use.

Free delivery in Ireland

Delivery to anywhere in Ireland is included in the price.

Raised sleeping area with sheltered outdoor area

The sleeping area is raised off the ground.  This helps to prevent vermin from nesting underneath the hutch and is an important part of rabbit hutch design.  It also gives a nice sheltered area underneath the hutch for the rabbit(s) during the day.

Sliding hutch inner door

There is a door on the indoor area that can be closed each evening.  This can be operated from outside of the hutch which makes it very easy to let the rabbit(s) out into the enclosed pen each morning and close them in each evening.

Features of this rabbit hutch

  • Strong 1/2″ x 1/2″ galvanised wire.
  • Dried and Treated Wood (tongue & grooved).
  • Weather proof and predator proof.
  • Easy assembly (takes about 30 minutes), instructions included.
  • Quality Stainless steel fox proof slide bolts
  • Dimensions approx: 190 cm (Long) * 90 cm (wide) * 116cm (High)