Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

Outdoor rabbit hutches offer many advantages over the indoor hutches, however there are some important considerations when choosing an outdoor hutch for your rabbit.  First off, here are some advantages.  You can see some of our outdoor rabbit hutches here.

An outdoor Hutch offers a more natural environment.

An outdoor hutch offers a more natural environment for the rabbit.

Free Rabbit food – ready access to grass

An outdoor rabbit hutch is very likely to have an area where the rabbits can access the grass that is growing in your garden.  This means that your don’t need to buy as much hay, well at least iun summertime.

It’s possible to have a larger rabbit hutch than indoors.

There may also be more room outside for a larger rabbit hutch than an indoor rabbit hutch.  Space is sometime at a premium inside, which means the size of hutch you can give your rabbit can sometimes be bigger if it is outside.

The mess is outside, rather than in the house.

Odors and mess and outside rather than in the house.  The hutch still needs to be cleaned regularly, but cleaning is that little bit easier. All of the droppings and bedding can just be put onto the compost heap ( or brown bin).  Most of our hutches have sliding floors which make is easier to do this.

Here are some considerations for an outdoor hutch.

The hutch should be secure and safe from predators, this is the single biggest consideration.  As well as wire mesh all around, many of our hutches have a sliding door which can be closed each evening, which helps to make it extra secure.  If the hutch is going to be in one place, then we recommend to put a surround of paving slabs around the outside of the hutch.  This prevents a fox burrowing in.  A rabbit hutch should always be placed in an area that is as safe as possible from predators, including dogs that are not socialised to your rabbits.

While rabbits do perfectly well outdoors, it is important that in winter-time your pet rabbit is good and cosy.  Adding in extra bedding or a blanket is a good thing to do at this time of year.  If the rabbit has not been outdoors already, it would be important to not suddenly put it outdoors in very cold weather.